“It has really helped our girls sleep better at night. It has also helped with our daughter’s bowel issues. It has helped with ear infections in our 2 year old.” -Christina C. & Family

“The Millard Family team has helped me meet and exceed my workout/physical demands by keeping me free from pain. My recovery time is less and my movement is smoother from regular/proper alignments.” -Christine S

“My spinal problems have been greatly relieved by Millard Family Chiropractic. I’ve seen every chiropractor since I’ve been here and each one of them has been wonderful. I would highly recommend this practice for general wellness and chiropractic care.” -Maggie P.

“Fantastic experience! Come here often and always leave feeling better.” -Cade A.

“Millard Family Chiropractic has changed my life from constant migraines to actually being able to function and participate in my work/school environment. I am very grateful and appreciative of their help and time.” -Wryleigh S.

“Dr. Thompson has completely gotten rid of my whiplash from 5+ years ago. I love the atmosphere here. EVeryone is so helpful and super nice! I would recommend this place to people! I have also recommended this place to all my friends and family.” -Alexis B.

“I love Dr. Millard and her staff. She always helps me feel my best and listens to my concerns. Millard Family Chiropractic is the best!” -Tracy B.

“Amazing service! They’ve been very helpful to me and my family. Dr. Sheri Millard is an amazing specialist. I would recommend her to everyone I know! Best chiropractic place ever! Huge thank you to a wonderful team!” -Alena C.

“I have had less lower back pain since coming here and the staff is very friendly and helpful.” -Jim C.

“Great team! Sheri is the best chiropractor I have ever had.” -Svetlana

“Wonderful staff and Dr.’s who take their time and work hard to meet all your family’s needs.” -Justina

“All the doctors are fantastic. Always willing to go the extra mile and explain each aspect of the chiropractic path. All are very accommodating and caring towards your individual needs. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!” -Kris S.